Searching for people to work with me on game (STILL OPEN - Urgent search for 2D Artist)

Hello, I’m looking for someone to collaborate with on a game in Unreal Engine 4 . Game will be about trying to save space mining ship from infestation with main character . It would be (Horror) FPS . Here is little about story so far :

"War on Earth has broken out because need of Oil and big mining ship named ISAU 64 will be sent to explore Asteroid n. 245 821 also know as Outer Asteroid.

On that Asteroid ancient alien race of Advenats leaved gem also know as Black Diamond what is created by most concentrated material named Henricium in universe gem also have strong mangentic field and is sending strong radio interferences. Black Diamond mutated almost whole popullation of Adventas planet and they were forced to destroy whole planet but Black Diamond survied . So Advenats survivors has swore to destroy gem. Advenats have landed on Outer Asteroid and builed resarch station from they ship . But they again underestimated power of Black Diamond and also mutated and most of them died. "
List of open positions
-3D modeller
-Concept Artist
-Unreal Engine 4 programer
Conctact me on my discord : Henri #2948 or on g-mail : [EMAIL=“”]

Hello @henrik0008t

I’m a blueprints programmer. What skillsets are you bringing to the table?

I will doing modeling and I messaging two people on discord who will want to work , if you mean skillsets like that
and I want to create game with many ending also , in game will be (butterfly effect) like every interaction will have reaction . And also one of features will be about that endings that in every ending you will have (how many people died, If your interaction will save Earth of no …) and you can leave that ship almost anytime but will have conseqences in ending

Sounds interesting. Do you have the Branching Storyline designed and a Game Design Document?

No that is still in development but I have document what we need in game in near future . If you want to talk more pm on discord : Henri #2948 ( I alredy have some people )