Searching for (intermediate) 3D Artist(s) for our Team

Hi, we are a team of two hobby programmers, who are currently looking for one or two people to support our projects. We have worked with Unreal Engine 4 for a couple of years now and we think we are therefore experienced in Blueprints and C++ programming. Since we are mostly untalented in regard of graphics, we couldn’t really finish any big project (other than gamejam-projects). Thus we are searching for people to join our team for this concern. Also we are both located in Germany. However, as long as you can speak english it would be fine with us. You should furthermore bring a good portion of humor.

Our current team
Markus & Merlin (we used GameplayUniverse as a team name)

Until now we always discussed and planned projects as a team, so everyone could contribute to it. We would like to keep it that way, so you can contribute and suggest your very own ideas. We believe it’s best to keep everyone at an equal level since we want to work together to make something great. If you for example despite a specific genre or playstyle we wouldn’t outvote it, but find a different idea or compromise. We mostly use Discord as a way to communicate (text & voice), so it would be preferable, if you have any kind of mic (We don’t have good mics either, so a cheap one is suffice).

If you think you would fit in out team and are at least a little bit more talented with graphics than reach out to us. On a side note, it would also be preferable, if you are 18 years or older, but we can decide this individual.

Previous Work
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E-Mail: info [at]
Or a message to one of us.

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