Searching for guys to help out with my game


1#. Things still not going right or been fixed up yet…

Matinee Fade from black won’t work for me in 4.12 for some strange reason even though I have HDR on and Bloom on.

Not gotten the Enemies yet to Take the Player’s health away
and then kill the player when health gets to 0.

Matinee, Having trouble trying to get Matinee to
Pop up the Matinee Actor node in the Blueprints, I can make the Matinee Actor animation, but I can’t play it in the blueprints from the editor because the matinee actor is not showing up in the nodes list when I add in the Matinee Play node.

Cause Unknown.

You need the Matinee Actor as the target, but if the actor is not showing up in the list, then I cannot give it the Matinee Player a target and that’s a problem.

#2. Things that are now going right.

Health, Now got the player taking down enemy 3d health bar for now. But not yet added in destroy enemy actor.

The Trace Line Weapon system is now working.

Some Enemies now patrol around the map at random and sense you. And some are set to track player.

Dialog in the hud is now working. but not dialog hud choices. That’s a little more complicated. and it takes a long time to set up all the dialog. it all has to be all internally wired up.


I’m new to Unreal Engine. I started off a game project here at http:\www,
I put up the storyboard version of my game up on the site to show some of the concept of the game. I now have to get it off the storyboard script which is over 155 thousand lines long and into the Unreal Engine.

Easier said than done.

I been using Blender as the pipeline for the rig but Blender causes some issues with fbx rigs and Unreal Engine. I’m looking for people who might want to hop in and model stuff for my game or model human characters, or help with making the maps, I’ve already started work on building in Unreal now on Planet Manaos for the Terrain and on one of the maps for the city area…

looking for

Unreal Level designers,
Special FX like glow strips and stuff as this is a sci-fi game

Are areas I don’t know much about.
need the presidium spaceship made.

i made the music to the game and pieced together some of the ambient soundscapes.

The following screenshots are the latest update to the map I been working on.

I got the paint texture tool working on Landscapes. I’ve now included glow materials in the level. It now has a day night moving sun moon system, a mini map, Dialog triggers are now working, the enemies are now holding their gun right, just need to install in dialog choices.

Something went wrong in the Telos Weapons Faciilty. (more like something went wrong with this map with the lack of art skills and crude design of the buildings but I’m not an professional artist.)
I can only do so much

Here’s some free advise - don’t waste voice actors time until you have some technically solid in the background. So all your basic gameplay mechanics are working and are fun and you have some sort of test level made. Even then I would wait until you’re further into development.

Bud there are plenty of people with both paid and unpaid voice roles projects up on that voice actors website. I already have some voice actors working on my project.

Level designer? Do you need expirience (this is more like a hobby for me but I can work for free or very cheap). If not, I can help.

Contact me on skype: michal.dufek2 or email: . I think that, i can help you

Well there’s some issues first with the ENGINE as I cant do much with it at the moment.

  1. I need to know if I got the right version of the engine for what I need to do which is to make a fully interactive dialog APRG game. I’m using 4.12.
  1. In upgrading to 4.12 I have now lost the most basic fundamentals from
    out of the engine. No Player Start Mesh for starters. And no Hollow Brush
    option I can see to allow me to cut holes in things.

  2. ISSUES WITH Importing BLENDER RIGS into unreal engine. I CAN"T Add in the Face Meshes yet to RIGGED meshes because of the Buggy FBX pipeline of Blender. So I can only get them into unreal engine from Blender as static meshes. I can’t use them for rigs. So I’m stuffed there unless there’s another program I can use that will export rigs out successfully to Unreal Engine that is not Maya or 3ds max since 3d max won’t install on my system and Maya can only be used for free for students for educational purposes as far as I can tell.

I have some Issues with this model.

This mesh originally had black ring eyes problem.

Managed to Fix the eyes, but not his hair. Now the problem with his hair is that its showing straight through his head, makes him look half bald.

But have not resolved his bald washed out look of his hair yet.

New map I was working on, supposed to be a giant shielded dome city.

He looks bald because you don’t have a hair looking texture on his actual scalp too. I recommend replacing his bald head texture with a matching hair texture. Also his head hair color is blond and his side burns are brunet. I don’t know if it’s suppose to look like his hair color is blond or if he died the top of his head blond. But yea if you replace the bald texture on his head with blond hair texture it will blend in with the actual hair and it will give it a realistic elusion.

Hopes this helps!

Why was this product released with only just a few hair strands for hair
and was not released with the proper full set of UV head skin maps with full
set of hair textures to cover up also all of the scalp for this guy comes with 4 colors of hair, so there should’ve been 4 head skins with the full hair unwrapped on the scalp.

This makes no sense.

I only have the render pics of his full set of hair, but from what you say, it looks like his hair will have to be painted directly unto his uv scalp map, I don’t really know how
to do that correctly though nor do I know where to find the matching hair he needs
to restore him if trying to uv paint the rendered hair don’t work.

You don’t use a hollow brush to cut things in BSP; you use a negative brush.

Yes, but you could pay for it.

But there’s no negative brush tools menu in 4.12 like they had in 4.9 and 4.8. So if I want the negative brush tools menu to come back I am forced to have to downgrade the engine to 4.9 just to get the missing tools back. because there’s only static mesh tools available in version 4.12 unless they hid the subtractive brush menu tools shelf
somewhere else.

I don’t understand this statement.

Ah I see what has happened. They renamed the bsp menu name from bsp to geometry that’s why I could not find any BSP menu in the editor because I was looking in a different area. Thanks for that. I didn’t know they changed the name.

If you need any help with cinematography style things I am able to help with that. Though I am really new to the engine based cinematography I have a lot of experience piecing things together and making them look good in Sony Vegas.

Cinematography, hmm Don’t that involves animation and facial rigs as well for interactive dialog?, so you make cutscenes forgames or do other skills In Unreal Engine?

Truth is I know very little about Unreal and my lack of knowledge of the engine is causing alot of little headaches.

Unreal is powerful but its got a slow cumbersome to set everything up in it.
Unreal also takes ages to build up its lighting. Up to 2-4 hours I think to build all the lighting up of a decent level, makes me wonder just how long it took them to do the lighting for the Kite Demo. I find that this engine has to be low polys too, you can have some high polys in it but only sparingly. Alot of the trees models that are free on the internet are too high poly. The whole game script I wrote is over 155 thousand lines long all full of arrays to store everything that’s going on In it. I think the BLACKBOARD
feature in unreal is probably like the arrays that I use, it might be a place to store all the game variables in so other blueprints in the game can call those variables and use them.

Can the blackboard handle over 2000 variables to all the blueprints that need to check their existence?
At the moment I’m been busy cutting a couple of thousand audio files of the dialog. But for 20,000 or more lines of dialog, I may have to have selection text options.

I also want to know if Unreal has the ability to also SOCKET Audio spheres on rigs to move the sound along with the rigs.

I wasn’t able to import Senoodah’s Ocean Water Shader into Unreal Engine 4. It only works in UDK, the water part has been done, but the shader lacks the Sine Wave instructions to make the water all move up and down. I found that function in Unreal, but in Unreal, there’s a couple of nodes missing otherwise I would put Senoodah’s Ocean water shader in the Unreal 4 engine.

But I’ve only got half of the shader but when its fully assembled, it contains over 200 nodes but Its only got 114 of the nodes. here’s a picture of what it looks like when it only has got half of the instructions installed…

The shader is only half done because the guy who did this shader didn’t get the shader all completed.

Now back to Unreal Engine 4

Exporting rig from Blender work just fine, you are doing it wrong. And that character baldness could be caused by incorrectly set material or its instance.

I’m talking about the default import in Blender, it has issues. This is the result, yuck when I try to import my doctor mesh in who is a 95 mb 3ds max FBX model. Blender won’t import him in correctly but in the FBX Review Viewer he shows up fine, except for alpha channel with his face…

Blender might beable to import meshes in correctly that have got NO BONES but hes a mesh with BONES and Blender keeps on messing up my mesh so i suspect that python code can’t correctly interpret the code that’s coming from the FBX in 3ds MAX.

I have been stuck now with his FBX problem now for nearly a month.

Now as for my beach blonde guy balding hair issue. Oh yeah, I need a matching hair texture to fix
this issue up. Where do I find a matching hair texture map for him?

Another alternative is, if you use a separate mesh for the hair, that the origin/offset for that mesh is slightly off.

The doctor shows up in the FBX Viewer with his hair all perfectly intact, but in blender its all on the floor !!
The blonde guy is the only model that would import in Blender without much issue. Blender had little trouble with him, well… except for importing his head inside another head, I had to delete that and also placing ALL SEVEN of his eyes colors all
in the same place which made it impossible to try to change his eye colors, but once I deleted all those extra eyeballs from the outliner and got rid of all those lenses and left just the blue eyes, and put his textures on him and adjusted his transparency and alpha settings he was all fine except for the hair part because none of his head skins came with a full set of hair and that’s what’s causing the baldness issue on his head. But with a 3ds max FBX Skeleton mesh like the Doctor, you’ve seen the mess Blender already made of him. it has trouble with importing bone meshes in from 3ds MAX FBX files.

Well, Blender and Autodesk software doesn’t communicate particularly well. Because blender uses completely different system for skeleton and bones.
At least I think so. Anyway there is Maya LT, it’s like Maya but tailored for indie game developers. You can get it on steam, I tried it some time ago and it’s pretty useful, but there was some limitations when exporting files. As of your model, it sounds like that model wasn’t prepared for use in game engine or you really missing some assets, hard to tell.

Guys, when making a game, there’s always going to be some BUGS AND ISSUES to try to resolve. My experience with map level development has only been in the RED ENGINE.

I find the Unreal engine to be a lot more DIFFICULT than the Red Engine in scripting certain things. I DO like the concept Unreal uses allowing you to define and add your own variables to the engine using Blueprints. But I find it hard to try to script the blueprints and had to rely on tutorials.

I got the DLL error when doing the C++ compile, which stopped the game from reloading. So I restored the project and have to stay away from C++ code and just stick with blueprints.

But the problem with blueprints is that I don’t think they are optimized for constant engine use unless you use a few of them. so I think you have to use them sparingly, which means half the game has to be written in C++ code for optimization.

Also I find that trying to use indoor Lighting WILL START TO SLOW THE ENGINE DOWN even though I do have a volume light mass in the level.

Progress Currently on the Game…

Added in an inventory pick up Item system.
Added in Double Jump for the player.
Added in a Basic HUD Display.
Added in some Enemy AI. Enemies can now follow you around.
Added in a Sprint bar
The Player now has a weapon and can shoot but not damage any enemies with it yet…

Added in the Double Jump.

I can’t do Montage Animations for making the player climb up Ladders yet because Blender can’t import the skeleton meshes in correctly and keeps on adding also multiple root bones.

There is another way to do it through using just blueprints instead of using a montage, but I was unable to get the climb ladder volume working with just only Blueprints.

The Player is currently locked in the Close up gun Mode, I need to find a way to use the H key to toggle Modes so I can then Switch from close up mode back to 1st person view with the weapon on the back of the player. try to make it switch blueprints soon as the H key is pressed.

Added in The Nav Mesh, enemies now track the player through the mesh.

Things still to do.

Still got the main HUD interface to do. haven’t figured out a design for it yet.

Need to add in a dialog system.

I need to know how to get Unreal to increase values when picking certain items up like credits. So soon as the player comes into close range of the item he automatically collects it up, no need to have to press a key just to pick something up.

Does anyone have a blueprint that can do that? Pick up
an item without having to press any key to pick it up, but instead detects the acceptable range…

Yet it took hours just to wire all this up so The Sprint Stamina bar is working (but kinna sticks…) (I don’t know why).

Screenshot of current this map of the Telos Weapons Facility. Things may seem a bit out of place at the moment, maybe a little too much going on in it as I made a multiple Tier map with some stairways. but I aint a professional level map designer.

Still all the lights, and also the lighting need to be all added in. This was supposed to be at night time, but I can’t get the sky at the moment to turn all black to get the stars all showing then I have to add a few planets into the sky to show this aint planet earth.

I’m not sure if I can put my game script engine into these blueprints because I have got over 1,600 arrays in my script code with over 1,700 flag variables along with over 15,000 lines of dialog.