Searching for Blendspace / Animationblueprint tutorials

i search for a nice tutorial about mixing blendshapes in the animation blueprint?

I followed the series and it was nice, but not “deep” enough for me
I would need more info about implementing and mixing.
I am even confused about simple stuff.

When i create a Blendshape and connect it to a variable speed and in the blendspace i set range from 0-100.
When my ai has a movement component and the move speed has variations, depending on state (attack 500)-(idle 0) (patrol 250) (search - 80) for example, should the range then be 500(maximum value)?
Could i not divide ai pawn velocity through speed(100) and feed that, to get it dynamic?
Yes got standard moving with rotating working, but have problems with mixing other animations into.

I created anim Notify to time an event, but having problems to get them into my ai BP too.
When i create a dispatcher, should it be created in the ai actor, or the animation BP, or makes that no difference?