searching (Developers, 3D Artists, LevelDesigner, VoiceActors, VFX/SFX) to finish my game MeltDown

Hello guys my name is Fabian i currently work on many little mobile games and also on a mixed first / third person shooter for pc
and now i want to grow the team which is working on those projects. Also i work for customers to help them to plan their projects correctly i will also search developers
and artists for them thats why i want to build up my network to other developers and artists.

Example Videos of my current work:
My Game:
MeltDown Beta Gameplay:
New Level in MeltDown:

What i am searching:

  • Character modeling: I need some realistic custom characters for meltdown and some other projects in the future
  • 3D Artists: i need some custom buildings and enviourments / props for my game
  • Developer: Ue4 and Unity developers (Ue4 developers should be able to work with blueprints or also C++)
  • Animators: should be able to help with the animation of my Characters, FPS Arms and maybe Weapons
  • Level Designer: should be able to create highly realistic level with a lot details
  • Voice Actors () Female and Male
  • VFX Artists
  • SFX / Sound / Music Specialists

What we want to archive:
In 2020 i want to finish around 10 Mobile Games and i want to make as much progress on my Game Melt Down as Possible. i am happy to work with you on those projects that we can archive some thing huge together !

We discuss the requirments and agree on a fair price

Discord: Fabuman2000#1960
Mail: [EMAIL=“”]
YT Account: NeoxDev