Searching an effective "fake" lighting technique for a 2D Side Scroller.

Hey devs, been working on a project for a lil’ bit and am now at the stage where I should tackle some of the lighting concerns. Many of these thoughts are purely theoretical, and based on how I want these to be executed, it’s possible one way or another, so I figure I could use a little insight and advice.

The biggest concern is shadows. With how my game is set up, having the perspective camera SUPER far away degrades the shadow quality quite a bit. Not that I would use UE5’s shadows at all, as I typically want this to be playable on most devices. So here’s a preview of the current state without the shadows.

Having shadows added would not look right, especially when my 2d assets aren’t 2.5D in the end, “flat” options are to be considered. My thoughts on execution are as followed;

My theory is a possible second actor that could be spawned and shaped, opacity adjusted, etc, at least as far as my abilities are concerned. And have something tell the shadow to either be short or long is another concern, prossibly just have one size for all for the sake of efficiency. This is perhaps going to be my biggest challenge going forward and will try to make the best of my tools as much as I can.

So for starters, do any of you have ideas or suggestions on how this can be properly executed?