Search function no longer working on Documentation site

Recently the search function stopped working, for instance here:

I searched for the word “node” and got nothing in return. Had the same yesterday, then it worked again today until it stopped just now.

Seriously Epic, what are you doing to your website? It was working just fine! Why fix something that is not broken???

It’s working fine on our end. I’m seeing results. You can try clearing your cache or forcing a full refresh (Ctrl + F5).

It’s powered by Google so there is always a possibility that something bad was happening between you and their servers when you attempted to search.

We’ll keep monitoring it to see if we can reproduce the problem.

Do you have any extensions like Ghostery or uBlock? Had to whitelist the search page to work with my Chrome browser or open it in an incognito window.

No nothing, most of the time it works, just recently I had it a few times that the search result was empty. No idea. I will try the Ctrl-F5 thing next time it happens