search forum options

When i visit a forum the most practical way for read for me its using “Read Unread Messages”, “Active Topics”, “My Messages”

I have a forum and all the greatest part of users use that options too. That are phpbb options, i don’t known if vBulleting have it or something similar.

would be nice be that options in that forum

Hi knack,

We have all of that functionality already! If you go to notifications in the top right, you can access your inbox for messages. The “What’s New” tab covers Active Topics and from there you can mark unread threads as read. I hope this helps!

2 other features of the forums help with this as well:

  • You can click on the Quick Links option at the top left of the page and select “Today’s Posts”.

  • Go into your account General Settings and change the “Default Thread Subscription Mode” to “Through my control panel only”. This will automatically subscribe you to any thread you create or post a reply on. Now when you click on “Settings” (top right) you will be shown a list of all the threads you are subscribed to with new replies, and also shows you any PM’s you have at the top.