Search for an programmer

Hey everyone,

I started for my own a project like Paragon or other MOBAs.
Now I search for an “allround” programmer who could code different things like normal Gameplay stuff and server things.
I want to make a game like Paragon. At the moment I dont wrote a gamescript, so that would be great, that you played this game to know the Gameplay. For this project I use the Paragon assets.


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Hey! I’m looking for a little bit more information on this in general.

When you say a game like Paragon are you meaning that you want it to be just like Paragon, or do you have a new angle? Also what is the team size? Is it just you right now? Also what are you bringing to the table?

Hey, I want to make a game like Paragon but with some small features for example chests that you get with a small chance. In this chests would be skins or other things. But at the general a game like Paragon. Thats why I use their assets. At the moment I am alone and search for an partner. I am 16 years old and have not really good programming experiences, but I tried some small programming stuff with the Paragon assets like turrets and I want to learn more and more. So I would try to program also something but I need someone who help me there a lot out. I can’t give money, because I am at the moment in school. So I search for someone who want to make this game for fun. If that game would be published and earn some money, I would give a percent of it.

Okay, thanks. I don’t want to discourage you, but I think that you might be trying to make too big of a project. I don’t know any times or anything, but for Epic Games to build Paragon it took a long time with a lot of people working on it. Granted you don’t have to worry about artwork, but just the mechanics are going to take a very long time to make. I’m 18 and have been using UE4 for over 3 years and I know that I couldn’t make anything like Paragon. I’m not saying this to try and stop you, but to try and show you what you are getting yourself into. If you think that you can go for it! Good luck!

Hello, I am game play programmer works with blueprints. If you pay section by section I can join for your project. First I want to say like the other people said, If you want to make a game like Paragon you need really big plan and so many of workers. I also work with 7 member team and we are developing AAA quality games but not big story game projects. If you make AAA quality game, Please choose simple game mod first.

You can contact me by personal messaging.