Search for a level designer

Hi, my friends and i have for project to make a game based on the series “the 100” but we need some help to make a part of the map.

Our game goes on 1 century after a nuclear war, last humans are in an spatial station, and some young people are sent to earth to check if the nuclear radiations are gone.
But on earth, there is natives, 12 clans in total, there are aggressive toward the young people because there are on their territory…

My team and i wants to make a campaign mode with 2 different stories (1 in the life of a native and 1 in the life of the young people).
We also want to make a survival mode (and a roleplay mode in the future)

We need your help to make the map or a part of it.

Thank you.

Hi, have a look at my work here

Send me an email if your interested [EMAIL=“”] (paid work only)