Search broken on latest version of Google Chrome

Since yesterday afternoon I haven’t been able to use the search function on the main page using Chrome version 44.0.2403.130. Searching the forums and the answerhub directly works fine but if I search via the magnifying glass in the top right of the website I just end up getting a blank page like so: I opened up the console and found the error

Testing in Firefox search still worked as did an older version of Chrome that my coworker tried.

Hi kgamble,

I just updated myself and haven’t experienced this on my end. Which OS are you on? I know in the past Mac OS has had some difficulty with Chrome so I’d like to test on an environment close to what you are currently using to see if we can reproduce this.

I’ve seen this problem on both Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 and Windows 7 Professional SP1. My coworker that didn’t see the problem is running Windows 8.1.

Not sure if anything has changed on your end since yesterday but it looks like it’s started working again for me.