Search AnswerHub and Forum by UE version


If there is an option and I’ve missed it, please excuse me - otherwise, a really useful feature when searching the AnswerHub and Forums would be a Filter by the UE version number - so many of the answers just don’t apply to the latest versions.

That’s not going to be possible, none of the posts have a version number applied. It could be an added thing for Answerhub, that people could put in the UE4 version when they make a new post, but I don’t think that would work for the forum.

Yeah I can see it would be pretty much impossible for the Forum - would be a nice feature in the AnswerHub though. Thanks for the reply.


You are currently able to look up AnswerHub questions by UE version, provided the author added that information. There is an advanced search option for “topics” that will search answerhub posts tagged with certain labels. You can use that to find them by searching the number.

The forums are a bit trickier, as most posts on the forums are not about one version or another, but overall editor usage between versions. You can always look up the specific number, but I am not sure in what cases you would need more than what is already available in the advanced search options. If you can give me an example of what you are having difficulty locate, it would be helpful for me to come up with a solution on our end.


Adding thread tags, thread prefixes, or have volunteers to add tags to versions the thread is discussing about and compensating them for their hard work are all ideas I could think ok.

The issue Unreal Engine 4 has is the fragmentation of the engine versions out there, like Android’s Gingerbread and Jellybean market share, and Linux distro market shares.