Search and perform an action from anywhere

I’m a new user of Unreal Engine, but I already noticed how good all “search functions” are implemented in any context (especially for Blueprints to look for node very easily by tapping a keyword).
In order to make this software even more amazing, it would be really helpful for everyone to implement one feature that covers almost every needs:

basically a “Comprehensive search”](New and enhanced features | Latest release of Photoshop)-like (from Photoshop by pressing CTRL/CMD+F) or Toolbox” -like (from Blender by pressing SPACE) function.
It’s an all-in-one search kind of function to perform almost any action (just by searching a keyword) using only your keyboard.

That would improve our (UE users) productivity a lot . I mean seriously, in Photoshop for example everything is so easy and fast now thanks to their new “Comprehensive search” feature (btw it has been implemented very recently - November 2016). Personally I don’t feel frustrated when I can’t remember a keyboard shortcut anymore: all I have to remember is CTRL/CMD+F…

So please could you implement this feature?

Thank you! Really appreciate Unreal Engine so far.

btw - for opening assets,

Alt-Shift O

lets you search for any asset

(probably not exactly what you envision, but thought I would mention in case you didn’t know it)

Thanks dude. Yes I already knew this one, for mac, the shortcut is CMD + F btw.