Seamless video loops in media player?

Is it possible to loop a media texture of a video so that it loops seamlessly, or so I can trigger a new clip immediately after with no delay between them? I’m doing some experiments with interactive video, but I can’t even get a media texture to loop without the frequent black frames between cycles. I’m pretty early in the development process, so I wanted to see if seamless video transitions were possible before moving forward. Thanks for the help

This will get a little better in 4.13, but the looping delay depends on the player. WMF has good looping support, and it should be totally seamless. VLC on the other hand leaves it to the user and insists on reloading the media source, so there can be delays. Android has good looping support built in.

I think I will add an option to not clear the frame buffer between movies. That won’t eliminate the delay, but at least you won’t get a black frame.

Is there any other way to seamlessly play a series of 2d images synched to sound? Something that isn’t reliant on media players? Could I turn a video into an image sequence, then a sprite, and then turn that into a media texture somehow?

And thank you, that frame buffer fix would be much appreciated!

Well, playing a sequence of images with sound is pretty much the whole point of media playback :slight_smile:

So I came across this issue as well on 4.12 (just in case upgrading your build isn’t an option) and I thought I’d post my solution. It works for me but im not necessarily sure it’d work for you. I know its an old post, Im just putting my input in case anyone else comes across this page.

Using after effects to export my animation as a quicktime. (quicktime because I’ve had no issue with it) and I stretched my work area 2 extra frames after the loop end. Unreal4, for me, kept ignoring the last two frames of animations I imported and that helped.

tl:dr Make 2 extra empty frames after the loop end

Thank you for answering this! I had given up.

Was that option added? I would actually need it right now and am very interested to knowif it has been implemented or not.

thank you!

I know, it is old question.
I use a sequence of FullHD jpg images. 1000 images in the sequence :slight_smile: Yep. It is crazy. But it can play “video” loop without pause. Btw, on GTX 1060 UE 4.26.2 tells about texture streaming pool over budget. On RTX 3060 it tells nothing.