Seamless travel


We have implemented a loading screen like in Action RPG example. The loading is running in it’s own thread and all is working fine while we open our new level. However, it is a quite limiting system for designers, as we only succeed to make it to render .png files. Movies either don’t- run smoothly or have white blinks due to preload of .mp4 files.

So recently I was reading about seamless travel and transition map, and before I try it I have some doubts that I wanted to clear with you?

  1. Is it possible to render a video with movie player that runs smoothly while we stream in levels in the background, and if yes are there any examples?
  2. In transition map does the animations or videos run smoothly while we stream in our levels, or they also stutter?
  3. Are there any guides/tutorials of how to implement and trigger seamless travel with transition map?

Best, Dino