Seamless Travel Problem

I have a lobby and a Listen Server that hosted the lobby. Once the clients connect I want the Server to start the match and load the game map. Now, if I check Use Seamless Travel all players instantly travel at the same time BUT the post login events DO NOT trigger on the game map. So I unchecked Use Seamless Travel and after the Server loads the game map **then **all clients connect. Yay! It works. Well… not exactly.

It works in the editor, it works in the packed version locally. It does not work on Steam. So I put the branch on Steam and tried to connect 2 accounts to the lobby and the client does not follow the Server after it travels. I am very confused since it works everywhere except on Steam. Any ideas?

Is my issue to vague? Can someone please tell me if there’s something special about Steam and NonSeamless Travel? I am not sure where to look in my code since everything seems to work except on Steam.

I have found the problem. I was using the node CreateAdvancedSession instead of CreateSession. For some reason it made a difference.