Seamless travel player controller init

Hello guys, I’m making a multiplayer game with steamworks and I have a quite annoying problem. Since you need seamless travel for steam (at least the game didn’t really wanted to change maps without it) I’m using it but because it doesn’t “relog” the player controller, i don’t have the OnPostLogin when players load after map change. Now the thing is, I have a couple of things that I would like to initialize and do every time a player completely loads so im in a pinch here. Also it seems like that sometimes the player is loaded on the server side but not on the client side yet, or rather, the things aren’t replicated to him. (eg. gamestate, I have a freeze time at the beggining and sometimes the client can already see and is in the game but doesn’t get the info from the gamestate that it is (or it is not) still freeze time. Any idea how to fix these problems? (the last thing i did was to make a do once on the first tick of the client’s playercontroller (but it didn’t rly work out)