Seamless travel does not save values in controller

Seamless travel does not appear to save anything in the controller. I set a var in controller, but when i read it after changing levels, it reset itself. Help?

I guess you need to use save game stuff Saving and Loading Your Game | Unreal Engine Documentation
as I know, it normally when all variables that weren’t saved in reliable structures will be reset

Thats a hack at best.

I had the same problem early on and just about had a heart attack because the player controller resets each time a player is travelling or possessing a new character or pawn so the values won’t persist… I had to add a ton of new variables to the game info instance. So basically the player controller variables DO NOT persist between levels.

The only way I find to keep the variables in place is to set them in the game instance from the map you’re travelling FROM and reference them from the player controller whenever your player controller arrives in the new map.

Essentially keep your logic the same, but set them up on a custom event. On Event Begin Play, run through a series of branches with boolean variables that are DEFINITELY persisting from the game instance and then execute your custom event that you made inside your player controller blueprint.