seamless ServerTravel console command - game mode and player controllers not persisting


I am new to networking programming. I am testing seamless travel for a multiplayer game.
As a shortcut, I created a new project with two maps, two game modes and two palyer controllers. I used execute console command with servertravel [map] while enabling bSeamless travel on the game mode. Also added an empty transition map.
When the project is launched as a standalone, it will travel to the specified map without triggering login event for the new gamemode.

However, the beginplay event of the new gamemode gets triggered indicating the new game mode is active.
Also the player controller for the new game mode became active instead of the original controller.
Even if gamemode override of the second map is removed, the original player controller still became inactive after travel.

I assumed game mode and controller will persist after reading this.
Travelling in Multiplayer | Unreal Engine Documentation.

Is there anything I should change?

Thank you