Seamless blending root motion animation and character movement


I have some problem with seamless blending root motion animation (rools in my case) with normal Character movement provided by AddMovementInput.
The problem is: After animation with root motion is finished and starting blending i have some pause. On the video you can see pause after roll animation is complete.

Is it possible to blend seamless movement without any pause?


Root curve:


I think during the blend out time root motion still has control of the capsule velocity until it has fully blended out. I had a similar issue with a state machine with mixed root motion and inplace animations. My solution was to figure out the capsule’s acceleration during the blend out phase and manually inject velocity into the character’s movement component for that short amount of time. If you time it just right you get a seamless blend.

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I try to add Velocity to Character movement comp when exit from RM animation and normal movement is begin. It’s working but have some smallest pause. But i have found solution:

  1. RM animation and animation for exit must be seamless. Last frames of RM animation = first frames of exit animation
  2. I have added intermediate state ExitToRun for smooth exit from ForwardRoll to Run. While player press Forward stick ExitToRun is contiunes playing. Also ExitToRun can enter to Rolls again
  3. Any blend time is influenced to Root Motion velocity and make drop down Velocity to zero.

There is my state machine with comments:

That seems like a good idea. It should also be possible to remove ExitToRun state from the graph and embed it directly in the transition rule. I believe there is some option like that in the rule properties but have not tried it.