SD's Histogram Scan UE4 Equivalent?

Is there an equivalent to Substance Designer’s histogram scan node in UE4?

For those who don’t know, what it does is for a given color value it outputs those values for a given texture.

Perhaps there’s a way to achieve it with multiple nodes?

I found this [UE4]HistogramSelect - YouTube

I’m necromancing this thread because it was the top result and didn’t answer the question.

What in Unreal is equivalent to the HistogramScan node in Substance Designer or the Step node in Unity.

The best option I have found so far is the
“If” node:

  1. Set the input (A) to your texture map
  2. Set the (B) to your clipping value
  3. Set A>B to 1
  4. Set A==B and A<B to 0

There may be a better solution involving the Power node. There may even be better solutions not involving the Power node. I’ve always been suspicious of things calling themselves “Power” and not emitting light or torque. Let the universe be your guide. The “If” solution worked for me (before we enter optimization, that is).

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