SDK status

Hello RC team,

What is the current status of the RC SDK ?
Are you providing as well a Unity3D integration (as we can see in the NVIDIA Reality Capture Unity demo video - GDC 2017) ?

I would be really interested in an evaluation. Is there a way to have a look at the API and do a test run ?

Thanks !

Hello Jonathan,

the SDK is still in the testing period.
Regarding the NVIDIA RealityCapture/Unity photogrammetry “Live Visualizer”, it has not been released yet, and we do not currently have information when it will be available.
However, if you wish to test just our SDK please let me know.

Yes, still very interested in a test.
I sent you an email.
Thanks !

Hi Jana,

I sent you an email but had an undelivered notice.
Is this possible to download the SDK somewhere ?
Thanks !

Hello Jonathan,

I have send you another e-mail.

I got your emails ! (stuck in my spam folder)

Is it still possible to sign up for SDK testing? I’ve been keeping a close eye on it since the announcement and i’m very keen to try it out myself.




Hi @JanaBudosova , we are so interested on this to. 

Any news?



Hello Antonio,

I have send you an e-mail with more information. 

Kind regards 


Hi @JanaBudosova

We are also interested in the SDK. Where can I get information about that?




Hello Amit, 

I have already responded to your e-mail. Let’s continue the discussion there.

Thank you,

Kind regards,


Hello JanaBudosova, 

I am a college student who wants to work on VR content.

I was really impressed with “Live Visualizer” on GDC video.

Can I participate in SDK testing too?

Hey @JanaBudosova

I’m also very interested in the SDK and its potential, is it possible to get some more information about it? 



Hello Phillip,

I have just send you more information via e-mail,

Kind regards,


I would be interested in the SDK as well. I am currently working on a VR/AR/Mixed Reality multiplayer world mixing the 3D scans. I would like people to be able to submit their own scans into the application and integrate them, so seeing how this might be used.


Hello @UnrealityJourneys,

I have just send you more information via e-mail,

Kind regards,




I’m also very interested in the SDK, is it possible to get some more information about it?
And my company needs create custom-suited solutions, I would like to consult the relevant issues under ‘sdk’.

How much is needed for sdk’s license?
And the amount of money will change depending on usage conditions?
For example, when using the SDK for software to be provided only to a specific company.
If it changes, I would like to consider it compared with the general amount.



I wanted to test the SDK, please reply back to my mail.





I am a research worker at the University of Silesia in Katowice (Poland). My research team deals with photogrammetry and its use in VR and AR for rehabilitation purposes. I would like to know more information about SDK and if it is possible to participate in testing it.

I will be grateful for contact.

Dear Early Adopters of the Beta Program for RealityCapture SDK (Engine),
We would like to thank you for joining the community, for your valuable feedback, and for your active collaboration. We are temporary closing this program to incorporate your feedback and improve the experience. We will inform this community of further actions in the SDK life cycle. Thank you for your understanding.
For other concerns or inquires, contact us at