SDK equivalent of "lock pose for continue"?

What is the SDK equivalent of the Application Camera Pose option: “lock pose for continue”?  Is it the “SCCF_POSE_FIXED” flag in SfmCameraCalibrationFlags ?  If so, how do I change this value for certain images/cameras.  The only method I can find for changing this is in the ISfmImage interface: ->SetCalibration (in “CapturingReality.Sfm.h”), but can’t find any other reference to, or use of, this interface anywhere else in the SDK include files or examples.



The equivalent of toggling the application option “lock pose for continue” is this:

  • Obtain ISfmStreamInput for the chosen camera.

  • Set, reset, or toggle the flag with GetFlags() and SetFlags() functions (see code example below).

    ISfmStreamInput* pCamera; // feed it
    pCamera->SetFlags( pCamera->GetFlags() | SFMIMAGE_SFM_LOCKED ); // lock this camera

Ah, that was the other flag I was looking at as possibly doing the job, but could not tell that SfmInputFlags was the value operated on by _GetFlags() _and SetFlags().  Thank you for explaining! (and for your answer to my other post, as well)