SDI Video Output (Broadcast Real-Time)

UE Staff,

Any plans on releasing a future update for UE4 with the ability to output a real-time Camera Actor to a SDI board (example: AJA Kona 3g card)?

Also any plans on outputting the Alpha channel of a project/map?

If this already exist could you point me in the right direction on how to achieve this?

Thank you for any help!

It seems like this is already happening. UE 4.20 includes an experimental plugin for AJA cards:

The AJA Media Source and AJA Media Output have been tested with the following cards:

  • Kona 4
  • Corvid 44

My question is about the AJA Kona lhe+ (, as far as I could test, it works as expected using the live input video port 1. But I’m reaching a problem trying to see any video output going on. I tried to follow the siggraph 2018 tech talk explanations given by Ryan Mayeda ( having no luck with this output part.

It seems that the usual expected behaviour of the “capture media” window is showing a green bar on top of the picked camera thumbnail, but I’m getting a red cross instead of that green bar:

Seen on tutorial:


My result:


Does anybody already tested this AJA Kona lhe+ card video output?

Maybe it has to be mandatory to set any particular resolution in both AJA Control Panel and AJA Media Output Settings (Media Port)?