Sculpting tools making holes in landscape!

Hello all,

I’m using the smooth brush to try and get some of the landscape to not look so rough, but using it causes holes and I’m not sure why, the landscape isn’t even that big, maybe 2k by 2k, this happens with other tools as well, but it’s rare. Once the hole starts appearing it wont stop until I release the mouse and start sculpting again.

It’s not a frequent thing, but it happens often enough. So far I’ve just been smoothing the holes back or using the flatten tool to fix it. I’m not sure if this is normal behavior for the sculp tool, or maybe I’m doing something wrong?

I have a decent PC, 3080, 10900k and 32GB of ram. Maybe I should be sculpting without any layers, or without adding landscape material? Any suggestions are welcome!

Thank you.

Pictures of the hole in the landscape!