Sculpting - Circle brush shapes edges

My circle brush doesn’t work right anymore. I think it shapes the landscape like the alpha brush. Does anyone know how to restore its normal functionality? Screenshot:

Oh man I hope you get some help with this. Pulling my hair out wit the exact same issue.

I’ve tried in multiple versions of the engine. I can’t sculpt any terrain (nicely) no matter the size, if it’s an imported heightmap or from Create New. New project, old project. New level same project! Highest to lowest resolution, quad size, components I’ve tried everything within my limited knowledge.

I would note though, I’m sure the engine suffered a substantial crash one evening, did you have a crash recently too? Perhaps an issue lies therein.

I’d have no idea how to recover a program from a crash.

Anyway good luck, hope you get it fixed, man. If it’s stressing you as much as me!