Sculpt terrain problem

hi everyone :slight_smile: i have imported a heightmap in ue4 basicly just flat with the outer shape of a island i had to scale it as follows values in transform x345.75 Y345.75 Z5.0 i wanted to do the heights manually with sculpt tool but i cannot sculpt upwards only down in the terrain what could course the problem best regards Christian

this island

Which tool do you use to sculpt? -> e.g when you use the erosion brush, you can choose a mode in the properties :slight_smile:
How do you paint onto the terrain? -> Ctrl+Left Mouse

Hi fighter5347 i use the sculpt tool left CTRL + left mouse nothing happends but CTRL+Shift+left mouse works i cant sculpt upwards only downwards very strange

scale your z up you have it set to 5, terrain will flatten out when it reaches the top of z scale