Sculpt on multiple landscapes / align height on multiple large landscapes?

I have multiple larger landscapes a bit like the Kite Demo, and I want to align the borders.
From what I can tell the landscape sculpt tool can’t be used on multiple landscapes together by default.

Is there a way around it? If not, how can one align the height on multiple of them?

so far the only solutions I have is to either (a) flatten the border to a specific value on both sides or (b) use meshes to hide the height difference.

Is there any other way to do it? how did Epic do it with samples like the Kite Demo?

I am using world composition

Added a picture to explain better what is the issue

Probably with world composition.

Check to see if that is what you need.

[USER=“3140864”]MostHost LA[/USER] Sorry I should of mentioned it - I am using world composition. But it only helps align the landscape position (XY), not their height.

I also edited my post and added a picture. Hope it explains the issue better

Using World Comp for a while now,and yes they don’t align height wize based on youtube I saw from Epic dev :
You have to run sculpt tool on seams on anything that’s not a flat terrain.

I know of no way around it,other than exporting out tiles, as EX: from L3Dt PRO ( free now, not sure about future ) which is free version of world machine,and tuts for it exist on site and youtube.Personally I"ve never seen a tile export from l3dt pro but it should act the same way as other similar software.

FAIK, World Comp is no longer being worked on,devs correct me not the case- maybe they feel it’s sufficient for use.

The only other way to change it aside from the sculpt tool in world composition would be to modify all of the height map files to have the same colors on the edges.

Maybe you can export the heightmaps, merge them all into one. Edit the file to smooth it out as you need, and import it back after re-cutting the tiles.

I think at that point the smooth tool and some patience would be quicker.

Hello, I may have found a solution here. If you use the ‘add adjacent landscape’ function in world composition, and then import your height maps into the new adjacent landscape segment, as long as the sizes are correct they will line up but even if not, they now can be edited together as one. The key is you may have to unload the initial level that you added adjacent level to before importing the height map for the new section. So step by step, add adjacent landscape to landscape1, unload landscape one, select new adjacent landscape, landscape tool, sculpt, target layers, right click height map and import your height map. Now the new segment is attached to the first segment, has the correct height map, and can be edited together as one on the seams. I hope this helps.


omfgdude2, I want to say OMFGDUDE!!! Thank you so much! This is a gold response.
2 years after, still nobody besides you could solve the issue.
I’m searching for days and all the “ue4 experts” youtubers, don’t mention/know about the “add adjacent landscape” crucial part, in order for this to work.
Thanks again for sharing this.

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My pleasure. Glad it helped someone.