Scrolling through The Inventory. How To Make A Widget Scroller With The Mouse Wheel...

Hello everyone I’m currently prototyping an inventory system with 2 slots I got the inventory part in control but I’m struggling to find a way to scroll to different slots.

The wheel axis values stops at 4 and loop back at 0.

So basically each slot is a Button, I’ve currently setup a variable to get the wheelaxis value, now I send the value to the WidjetBp. Depending on if the value is even for the second slot or odd for the first I set the select slot.

My goal is to be able to Scroll through the inventory with the mouse wheel.

My problem How do I scroll ?

If something is unclear please let me know its been a while now so I pretty determined to find a solution :Y

I finally got it solved with a set button style if you’d like more information just text me here ill help you out !

I know you’ve figured out a solution already, but there is a much easier way to do select-able widget scrolling.

The “List View” widget is designed to contain any amount of selectable custom widgets. It also supports wrapping and scrolling.

Now, the ListView widget is difficult to understand initially, but I found that the answer to this thread helps clarify its proper usage:

One downside, though, is it’s impossible to change its styling without using C++.

Hope this helps!