Scrollbox Update in 4.9?

I know they are temporary workarounds by changing the engine code, but will there be any updates for scrollbox in 4.9? It would be really awesome if the scrollbox can be scrollable with hand gestures on the scrollbox itself.

I want this so desperately I went ahead and modded the engine code, I just can’t figure out how to commit it back to the project.
It sucks because I have to reimplement it for each update. Would be so good to have this fixed. It has a solution that only needs to be copy pasted in. What takes so long?

This is a very important function of hope to hurry up !

I also need this!

Hey Everyone,

Is there a already put in for this that either of you have requested previously? If so, I can check the status if you provide the number.


I have not as I do not know how. Was just putting it on the forums as I feel that scrolling for mobile is an important feature and wanted to see if the feature has been updated in 4.9 or not.

Offtopic: May I know how to submit a ?


You can have one of us here at Epic submit a for you. If you believe you have a bug report, please go to AnswerHub and post a question in the Bug Reports section.


Thanks. The scrollbar works perfectly fine in mobile so I don’t think it qualifies for a bug report. I think this is more of a feature request as scrolling within the scrollbox on mobile will be really useful.

Hey ,

I went ahead and put in a feature request for this, I think it would be nice to have seamless scrolling as well. If you’d like to check on this feature request in the future, please reference this : UE-20469


That is awesome. Thank you!

You’re welcome! Let us know if you have any other requests or questions! :slight_smile: