Scrollbox isn't really scrollable

I can’t undestand when scrollbox is scrollable and when it’s not?

I’ve got scrollbox with Size - Fill. It got alignments by horizontal and vertical as Fill too.

As you can see on screenshot, I’ve choosed that scrollbox (boxDamage) and added there a couple of textblocks. On 7 textblock scrollbox should became scrollable element and that textblock should be somewhere in scrolling space. But instead whole scrollbox was resized.

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I was unable to reproduce this issue.

The steps I used:

  1. Created a widget
  2. Dragged and dropped a scrollbox widget into the designer tab
  3. Dragged and dropped a textblock widget into the designer tab
  4. Placed the Textblock inside the Scrollbox
  5. Copy and pasted the the textblock multiple times (12 times)

This caused the scrolling bar to appear for me.

Quick questions:

  1. Were there any steps that I preformed differently?
  2. Can you make sure that it is a “Scrollbox” widget that you are using? (I noticed it says vertical box slot in your image)
  3. If it is a scrollbox that you are using, can you reproduce this in a clean project?
  4. If you can reproduce the issue, can you provide an accurate account of the steps that you took?

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Thank you for reply.

  1. By simple steps, as you described, I have no problems too. And that’s why I have such question: I can’t undestand when scrollbox is scrollable and when it’s not? Because, is it scrollable or not defenitly depends on parents.

  2. As you can see in hierarchy, yes - it’s a scrollbar. Vertical box slot - telling us about parent in hierarchy.

Yes I can reproduce in clean project.

  1. Create clear widget only with root in hierarchy.

  2. Add horizontal box.

  3. Add Spacer to that horizontal box with Size Fill = 1.0. Horizontal & vertical alignment = Fill

  4. Add Overlay to that horizontal box with Size = Auto. Horizontal & vertical alignment = center

  5. Add Spacer to that horizontal box with Size Fill = 1.0. Horizontal & vertical alignment = Fill

  6. To Overlay from step 4, add Image. Horizontal & vertical alignment = center

  7. To Overlay from step 4, add vertical box with horizontal & vertical alignment = center

  8. Add text block to vertical box from step 7. Size = Auto. Horizontal alignment = center. Vertical alignment = Fill

  9. Add Spacer to veritcal box from step 7. Size = Auto. Horizontal & vertical box = Fill. Size of spacer by y = 10.0

  10. Add Scrollbox to vertical box from step 7. Size = Auto. Horizontal alignment = center. Vertical alignment = top

  11. Try to add text blocks to that scrollbox from step 10 and you will feel the problem.

I have attached a hierarchy in screenshot.


Hello ,

Thank you for the detailed steps to reproduce the issue. I was able to achieve the same result and I have submitted a report ( UE-6500) to the development team for further consideration. I will provide updates with any pertinent information as it becomes available.

Note: I found that the Scroll box is no longer given the scroll bar when placed in a Vertical box or a Grid panel.

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Hi, Ruddy!

Can this problem and problem that textblocks won’t after-warping have same source?

Hello ,

I do not believe the two are related because the issue in this post can be replicated with multiple types of widgets. However, thank you for the additional insight. I will look into this matter further.

Should I report something about textblock/multilinetextblock wraping? It won’t work too.

Hello ,

I did a bit more digging and found that this issue (UE-4632) has already been written up and sent to the developers for further consideration.

Hi Ruddy,

Are you serious? 4632? I didn’t undestand how we can use your engine in production if you won’t fix broken functionality?

Please tell me, how I can templorary fix this wrapping issue?

Hello ,

I was not clear before. What I meant was that the issue had been reported before. It is fixed in later versions of the engine such as 4.6.1. As for a workaround, you can manually insert the brakes in your text. This can be done outside the engine or with in text section of the Details panel. Text that has already been formatted with breaks will retain that same formatting if copied and pasted into the text section.

Note: When setting breaks within the text section of the Details panel make sure to click on the text box to refresh it so that you can see the changes.

Well, it defeinetly wasn’t fixed or I missing something. Is there some sort of rules for alignement and size of parent in hierarchy for textblock, to make it wraping ?

Hello ,

I feel that the issue with the text not wrapping is different enough from the original issue of this post that I would like you to post a new question on AnswerHub about the issue. After doing so, if you could post a link here to the new question I will be more than happy to assist you further on that matter. (This is for tracking purposes)

Are there some news about bug? We still experience that problem in 4.7.4.

Hello ,

I looked up the issue mentioned in this post and the status has been changed to fixed. Try setting your ScrollBox box to fill instead of auto and let me know if this solves the issue.

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At this moment my Scollbox is a child item of Overlay. So it haven’t “Size” parameter. Horizontal & Vertical alignment are seted to left/top accordinaly.

Excuse me?

Hello ,

I have setup a scroll box inside of an overlay to test this issue. However, the scroll box appears to work as expected. I have also placed the scroll box inside of a vertical/horizontal box and I have been able to get the expected functionality of the scroll box. I feel like I should point out that I am using 4.7.5 and that this may have made a difference. Just to be clear, you are still having issues with getting the scroll box to size so that it will scroll?

Hi ,
Have you tried to execute steps which was mentioned in reply above? If you just put scrollbox in vertical/horizontal box it will be ok for me too. Problem is in certain hierarchy.

Hello ,

I have recreated the hierarchy above and I have included a screen shot of how I have everything setup. Please let me know where exactly we are different. I have it working on my end. I hope this helps.

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Yeah I don’t have a “size” property in my scrollbox. Scrollbox is in Grid Panel which is in Canvas panel and that heirarchy seems to prevent the box from doing any actual scrolling, and the scrollbar will not appear.

Edit: What I did to force a size was use a Size Box so that I could set the max of my Scroll Box to some arbitrary amount… Still seems… hacky.