ScrollBox, Buttons And Touch.

Hello, I have a problem and i don’t know if it is intended, i guess it makes a bit of sense, but this is causing a few issues when making UI for android.

First of all i’m using 4.24

I know that enabling **Precise Tap **for Touch Method into buttons you are able to scroll. However, why is it that on release events for buttons get fired if doing it?, this is causing issues, because if i try to scroll i don’t want to set the button to fire at least the onrelease event. is there an option i don’t know about? or is there a better way to do buttons inside a scrollbar, that don’t use the on release events.
If so please let me know, thank you. I attached an example Project with the problem.

All will work )))

If you want to scroll and also use the buttons use On Clicked instead of On Pressed