Scrollable List w/ clickable buttons from dynamic array won't play animations.

UE4 4.12.5

I followed tutorial that Rama kindly created.
It works great, but I ran into a problem trying to add stuff on the button clicked event.

When the button is clicked I want an animation to play. But unfortunately it can’t be seen when the button is clicked.
I verified the animation is getting called.

The animation plays perfectly in the UMG editor pane. I also confirmed that nowhere are any elements of the animation being hidden, and each animation element’s visibility setting is set to visible by default w/ no anim selected.

I was wondering, do animations not work on UMG elements that were added to a scroll list via “Add Child”?
The animation play is taking place in the Button’s UMG on button clicked, not in the scroll list UMG.

Edit: I figured out why the bound event wasn’t getting called. I had bound it to an element of the widget the button, rather than the entire widget. The animation not playing is still a problem though.

Thank you!

Even if I add the “play animation” to the item-to-be-added’s construct it still won’t play the animation. I’m pretty sure either a bug or a limitation.