Scripts for Unreal Engine 4 build automation with Jenkins CI

Hi everyone, my team at Skymap Games needed a solution for Unreal Engine 4 build automation. We scoured the internet for instructions or pre-made scripts to get going fast, but couldn’t find any… so we made some!


  • Simple, commented scripts
  • Works with Jenkins on Windows
  • Posts progress of your build to Slack
  • Can be configured with 7zip to compress builds when finished
  • Adding support soon for Steam SDK to automatically push finished builds to Steam

Check it out on GitHub

Wow, thank you!

Great, thanks!

We made a bunch of these internally for our past project, but I’ll definitely take a look at these, thanks!

Any word on the steam updating functionality? Would be super useful.

Congratulations for the iniciative, I’ll use as sure!!!

It looks great thank you !
By the way, where do you specify what Uni tests suites should execute (Automatic testing)?
Thanks and all the best,