Scripting Rotation Points?

Hello All, I am a newbie to unreal and the blueprint world and I am running into an issue that I am having trouble figuring a solution out. I need slider umg component to rotate a mesh around the center point of another mesh (not a problem got that figured out) the problem I am running into is that I need two sliders to control the rotation of the mesh from two different object centers. Think of a car, if you wanted to lower or raise the front of the car body it should rotate around the center of the rear wheel. If you want to lower or raise the rear of the car body it would rotate around the front wheel.

My thought was to have an empty Pawn that has the body attached so that I can move the Pawn(“RotationalPivotPoint”) pivot center to the center of either the front or rear wheel

Anybody have an ideo of how to do the dual pivot points?