Scripting language alternative to BP


In other thread i am talking about blueprints and scripting language differences.

Basically it seems that scripting languages are way more productive than graphical scripting.
C++ is not really for scripting as it needs to compile and reopen the program.

What you guys think? Is there any progress (or thinking of) integrating a scripting language exposing the same API as blueprints?

Hi TiagoLr,

You may find these posts of interest in regards to additional scripting languages:

I hope this helps!

Wow, please make a big announcement and/or tweet once a scripting alternative has become a viable alternative to blueprints with good integration.

Thanks so much, rest in peace unity.

Btw in that same thread i came to the conclusion that having a scripting language that translates into blueprints and vice-versa would be really great.

Visual graphics help understanding the data flows, and getting the big picture, while written logic is much more descriptive and natural to understand and create.

So as a suggestion (maybe for a future far away) i would say that a scripting language that translate into blueprints, and a tab next to Defaults->Components->Graph->Code to view the blueprints as code (and interchange code - blueprints that way) would be epic.

Having language scripts and blueprints separately will be great anyway.

Another suggestion -> export blueprints as SVG, would be nice!

Being able to go between graph and code is an interesting idea, and it is something we discussed, but it puts huge limitations on how your visual scripting works. There are certain things that just don’t really map cleanly between the two. We decided not to support this in order to make the Blueprint visual scripting as friendly and powerful as possible.