Scripting in Editor

I’m fairly new to Unreal Engine, and I’ve searched for a way to work with scripting in the Editor that similar to how you can script in Blender with Python. I’ve found Blutility, and I wonder if it’s possible to accomplish this with C++, or something completely different perhaps.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there and welcome to the engine. :slight_smile:

Most of what you’re used to doing in a typed scripting language in other platforms will be accomplished via blueprint and its node based scripting interface in Unreal.

Check out this playlist on the Unreal Engine youtube channel to get started null - YouTube

You can of course build game logic in C++ but blueprint is often more efficient for prototyping, and common gameplay tasks. Like any new system it will take some time to get used to, so set your expectations accordingly. :slight_smile:

What I’m looking for is to make redundant tasks while in the editor (not in the “game”) automatic. For example, placing ten actors and edit their location one by one. Not in runtime of the app, but in edit mode.

Btw, thanks for the Youtube clips. They looked pretty good.