ScriptGeneratorPlugin cannot work in 4.20

I want use the ScriptGeneratorPlugin generated some header before editor init, when i set “Type” : “Runtime”, the ScriptGeneratorPlugin work but it generated a dll with UE4Editor-ScriptGeneratorPlugin.dll , not the UnrealHeaderTool-ScriptGeneratorPlugin.dll which i expected. I think set a module “Type” : “Program”, is not work in 4.20!
“EnabledByDefault”: false,
“CanContainContent”: false,
“IsBetaVersion”: false,
“Installed”: true,
“CanBeUsedWithUnrealHeaderTool” : true,

“Modules” :

“Name” : “ScriptGeneratorPlugin”,
“Type” : “Program”,
“LoadingPhase” : “PostConfigInit”
is anybody have the same problem like me, thinks!