Scripted Timed Event

Hey Unreal Community,

I am new to Unreal and could use some help from people experienced with scripting in Unreal.

I want to create a scripted-timed event in Unreal that lasts about 3 minutes.
The idea is to make a house get more haunted over time.

I want to make audio and animations play at a set time.
For example:

6 seconds after pressing play, I want door A to open and corresponsiding audio to play.
15 seconds after that I want a glass C to fall off the table.

I guess my question is what is the best/easiest way to to this In unreal?

In addition, I would also like to replace textures/models with other textures/models while the player is not looking at them.
A script that asks: Have 15 seconds elapsed? and are the models/textures off screen?
If no to both, then replace said models/textures with these models textures.

Idd really appreciate any help that gets me closer to reaching my goal.

I would look into timelines and the use of external curves for that .
You could easy setup different timelines and control them.

Thanks for the reply, I will do that.