Scripted AI


I want to create a set of actions and movements for an AI that do not depend on the environment or the player’s interactions with the AI in any way whatsoever.
The AI’s movements / actions are scripted and MUST happen as I force them to happen, in that order.

For example:

Using the Adversaries pack (Free from Epic Games, thanks!), I’ve got the ‘Greater Spider’ model in use.

I want him to drop down from the ceiling (this is a built-in animation), run towards the player, move up the Z axis to crotch-level and then begin attacking.
Using blendspace and an animation blueprint, I’ve mainly got the drop-down, run to player sequence handled.


I want to implement a transitional rule from Walk_Run to Attack in the Animation Blueprint that forces the AI to go into attack mode IF it is no longer touching the ground.
So when I force him to move up to crotch-level, he will know to now blend into attack mode.

How can I implement this logic within the animation blueprint?
I’ve searched around the internet for over a day now and tried to experiment myself but I’m still fairly new to Blueprints.

The reason I say crotch-level, by the way, is because this is a VR project for the HTC Vive and not a standard game.