Scriptable Blueprint Component?

I was watching this old but great video from Unreal’s Youtube channel:

At around time mark 19:20 this guy mentions something pretty interesting called “Scriptable Blueprint Components”, which I can’t seem to find in UE 4.23.1

Maybe this was an old Unreal feature that is now nonexistent? Otherwise, where can I find it? I’ve been looking in the Content Browser>Right Click>Create Advanced Asset, but it isn’t there.

I think they are called Actor components in unreal engine, what he called them is what they are by definition. They is something like Actor competent that is Actor scene component, witch is used if you want a seance root.

He means a component that you can code in C++.

“Scriptable” is a misleading term because by definition C++ isn’t a scripting language that protects you from crashing the application…

Is there a c++ component? Wish I new that, would have made some things I have done allot easier. I guess there is magic nodes witch I just found due to your sig.