Script work only for one istance

could you please spread out the nodes a bit more, i can still read some of it if i squint enough.

Hello guys, why this blueprint work only in LAST istance in viewport? if i generate 4 istences of this blueprint , only the last work, why?

on the debugger the function isOverlappingActor return true only on last istance created…

The debugger only works for one actor selected here:


For example, the BP can contain a float variable whose value is different for every actor of that class placed in the level. The debugger will only show you the value of the selected actor, not all of them, for you to see exactly what you want to see, not everything at once.

Another thing, BP debugger affects performance a lot. E.g., if I launch a game in a standalone editor window, I get 150 fps. If I drag a BP to the second monitor and enable debugging, fps drops to 80-100, in some cases to 40-50 if the BP is quite complex. Now imagine debugging several of them at once.

So you can debug one at a time. Just switch between them when needed.

yes now i see the problem is the input, thank you for tell me how select actor to debug from editor blueprint!
now i have other plroblem, i have 4 actor of same blueprint class, how i can tel to this actor to receive input but not block for others? now the last istance of class block input for others, i want all 4 istrance receive the input, also with casual order for me is same , i want only so all of 4 istanced actor receive input…

You don’t. Using input in actors other than pawns is generally frowned upon; what you can do is create a custom function in the Actor BP, and tell the actors to execute that function through the Level BP of the Player Character BP, like this (or by other means):

thank you so much, i have understand my error now, you are awesome guys! :slight_smile: