Script node

For approximately the nth time now I’ve had to add two variables together to output back into another variable with a node setup that just feels like too much work.

It occurred to me that it would be very useful if there was a way to have simple scripting nodes to do things like this. I understand there are many things to consider for something of this nature, but if I could drag a ‘Script node’ into a BP and type the following, it would make life so much more pleasant in bridging the gap between BP and c++.

PlayerHeath += Quantity;

Have you looked at the Math Expression node? Just put one of them in, write out the equation ie. PlayerHealth + Quantity and it will build the nodes in the background and display it as a collapsed expression.

I didn’t know about that, and it will come in handy now that I do, however the idea of a script node has far wider benefits and I see someone else just had the same idea here: