Hey Epic,

coming from this thread it looks like it’s been marked as resolved. I commented yesterday that I thought the problem was still there, and with today’s release of 4.2.1 I’m still getting an error, which from GIMP says

\Screenshots\Windows\HighresScreenshot00000.bmp’ failed: Unrecognized or invalid BMP compression format.

Trying to import the image into the engine also results in an error. first it says it’s not a power of two (unsure what it means but it seems standard for bitmaps and hasn’t affected me so far) but then the import fails.

So far opening the file in paint and re-saving it seems to be a work around

Well,t he more frustrating part is the screenshot can’t be used in engine directly, either (I’m making a menu Swing ninja style, with pictures of the areas to be clicked on) and it’s rejecting the image straight out.

Power of two means 256x256 or 1024x2048 texture dimensions. That’s how you should create and import your textures otherwise they wont have mipmapping, wont look good and will ruin the performance.

The issue you are having with not opening the image have been reported by me as well through the end of Beta, but it only affected Irfanview for me, and it also doesnt work with GIMP apparently. Otherwise, as you’ve figured out, Photoshop and Windows photo viewer open them without a problem. It is not a game breaker issue though so i wouldnt mind it or expect a fix anytime soon.

Well it’s only 5 extra mouse clicks to open the image in Paint and re-save. :slight_smile: