Screenshot the used area of a blueprint.

We’ve probably been in this situation at least once…

Someone needs help on their BPs, and you’re trying to show an example… one screen at a time, because you don’t have a 4k monitor on hand, and you can only snap many legible pieces of it. or in my case, your teacher is showing it on a projector, and all you can do is snap photos of the screen.

On behalf of our class, and our teacher who agrees, it would be great if you could hit a button and generate a full 1:1 (or anything within reasonable) sized screenshot of the used area of a blueprint. That means it will fit every single node into a single large image (make sure no one hid a cheeky node way, way out in the middle of nowhere :p). This should make it easier for those who just need to share the entire layout of a blueprint to someone… after tidying it up of course.

You can copy the entire blueprint by clicking off any nodes, selecting all and then copying … go here and paste it:

This then gives you the whole blueprint that can be shared … you can copy from here and past back in to the editor and it will create the nodes again.

Actually a very cool feature request…

+1, that’s a great idea. Substance Designer does it and it’s really helpful for large graphs.

Something like this Cropper Tool would be great to have Integrated into UE4 with a icon to press the icon button in the Toolbar and use it!!``

+1… Good Suggestion!

Although, it would still require Epic to fix this first I think, as Zoom-In/Out level messes with BP wires overall…