Screenshot Taking with Resolution


i’m searching a way to make a Screenshot with a Resolution of 1280*720 Pixels.

I’m currently using FScreenshotRequest:RequestScreenshot(), but that makes the Screenshot as large as the Viewport and using that also gives me another Problem too:

I want to use the Screenshot after the Request, but the Code is running faster than the Screenshot could be created. Sadly i found no option to check or wait till the screenshot is finished. So it throwes me an error that the file could not be found when i try to access it. i only found “IsScreenshotRequested” but that is only checking if the request is send.

Is there another possibility to create a screenshot or reading the pixels to create a picture from that?
Even better would be taking that picture from a Specific Camera, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

Thank you.

Best Regards

I’ve found a Solution for my Problem, i’m just using a SceneCaptureComponent2D and save that as a Picture.
Here’s what code i used if someone else is searching too: