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This is the support thread for Screenshot Pro!
Please feel free to ask questions and offer any feedback you may have.


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Screenshot Pro is an editor utility that acts as an all purpose camera manager, great for architectural visualization.

Screenshot Pro creates a running, paused instance of your scene at capture time at the specified resolution to ensure the highest possible quality, preventing the usual blurry artifacts when using the built in high resolution screenshot tool. This can be quite performance heavy so be weary of this when rendering at high resolutions.

Download Comparison images here](Comparison Images - Google Drive)

The Pre-Capture delay setting allows you to determine how many frames to accumulate allowing temporal effects like Temporal Anti-Aliasing and Raytracing to resolve fully. (This does not currently use the new Render Movie Manager in 4.25 but integration is planned for future updates.)

Recommend opening in new tab to view at full resolution. Thanks to Ryan Evans for this test

Easily rename your cameras - which in turn changes the output filename as this is based on the camera’s name.

Quick access to the details panel of multiple cameras means you do not need to find the camera in your outline to edit it’s settings. This applies to settings for both standard and cinematic cameras.

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Updated UI and new settings menu:;base64

Path Tracer Support!

Please see following Imgur album for comparison images!

Hi wickerman123,

I am a spanish architect who just purchased your plugin “Screenshot Pro”. I think it’s a great tool but I am finding some troubles to make it work properly. I would appreciate if you could please help me solve my problem:

I have a very small scene with 1 room and 1 furniture element that I need to “photograph” from several point of view. Also, I have a postprocess volume with enabled raytraced reflections, AO, etc…
Performance is not an issue since it works perfectly fine at more than 60 FPS. For the shot I have placed a Cinematic Camera Actor.

Then, when I use ScreenShot via UE4 (version 4.25.4) usual method, it works as always, but when I activate your plugin and capture the scene (1 frame-photo) the result is the same image but much more dark. It seems like it affects exposure somehow and I cannot find the reason.

I have tested several parameters, such as Pre-Capture Delay but it won’t work. I bought your plugin since I have to produce a large amount of screenshots for a project and I found it quite handy. Please help me solve this issue

I suspect auto-exposure could be the problem here - screenshot is getting captured before the eye adaption has taken place.

Have you tried going fully manual for exposure control?

99% of the projects I work on in my day job (archvis) do not use auto exposure and I’m sure this is something I’ve run into also.

I’ve created a Discord server if you would rather use that: JKelly Utilities

Hi! Thanks for your response. You were right! I have been doing some tests with manual exposure by disabling autoexposure in the “Project Settings” menu. This solved the problem about exposure changes. Thank you!

Hi wickerman123,

Thanks for creating this addon. Really great! I’m looking for a function to use ‘custom depth as mask’ to be able to separate an object. Is this possible?

Kind regards,

Hmm, I should be able to. Let me have a look at this over the weekend!

Not having any luck with this so far. According to the documentation it’s possible but setting “bMaskUsingCustomDepth” doesn’t appear to do anything. I’ll keep on it though.

4.26 Update has been submitted. Also working on a new “Compact Mode” as requested by another user.

Thanks man, Would be great for productshoots to be able to mask it out in post-production! For me to get MaskUsingCustomDepth to work i had to enable Render custom depth pass in the detailspanel of the actor in the scene as well. But i don’t know if you meant that.

Hi wickerman123,

Have you found any possible solution regarding a MaskUsingCustomDepth to cut out an object?


Kind regards,

Hi, apologies for delays, I had to take a break for a while.

I’ve been able to get MaskUsingCustomDepth partially working and this will be in the next update which I am currently getting ready to release this weekend.

Currently, you will only get transparency on the output image if the resolution you set has the same aspect ration as the cameras - otherwise you will get a green background + letterboxing.

Version 1.20 is now available on the Marketplace.

Unfortunately I am not able to provide an updated 4.23 version via the Marketplace due to Epic’s own restrictions on certain types of plugins.

New Features:

  • Compact Mode UI
  • "Correct Aspect Ratio" - this constrains the ouput resolution to the aspect ratio of the camera
  • Mask Using custom depth (requires “Correct Aspect Ratio.”)

Now supports Movie Render Pipeline

If you have any issues with this new update, you can switch to the older method with the “Legacy Mode” button in settings. Please report any issues to me in the Support Discord: JKelly Utilities

Will this plugin receive an update to work on unreal engine 5.1?