Screenshot for Save System

Hello, a big hurdle I have run into is making screenshots for save game thumbnails dynamically as the player makes new saves. I have tried executing the “Shot” command and it creates a screenshot and puts it into /Saved/Screenshots/Windows/ directory. I cannot figure out a way to either: A. rename the screenshot or B. Save the screenshot with a specific name.

I have looked for a long time and cannot find any websites on how to do this. Maybe there is a better way than using the Shot command?

Thank you,

I don’t think it’s possible with Blueprints you can’t access file system from blueprint (primerly for security reasons i think), you need to write code in C++ that will save screenshot and load it on list.

You might try to do something with 's victory plugin, it provides some file system nodes, but i’m not sure if it’s maintained and i don’t all the nodes provides to know if it’s possible to do something :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, thank you for your help! My project was create from the Blueprint, can I still use C++?

Sometimes I will see a link inside a map or assets that opens Visual Studio 2015. Creating/modify this code i would be able to rename the screenshots?

Will this allow me to rename files without C++???

Will renaming a screenshot even work? When you execute the console command to save screenshot it saves it as a .PNG picture file. But you cannot use a .PNG picture file, you have to use a .uasset. So I do not think that you could just rename the file, I think you would have to import the file as an asset. Do you know of a command to import the file during the game?