Screenshot for Save Game Slots?

I am beating my head on the wall trying to figure this out. I wish you could just execute the “Shot” command from the command line with a file name and location and just have it over write the previous screen shots for the save slot locations.

Does anyone know of a step by step video or webpage on how to change the images on the save slots in the widget save menu?

Well if a player is able to use a command like PrtScr button to take a screenshot and then the shot is saved to a specific folder why not make an event that can save a screenshot to a folder during the save process. Over in the menu where you want to load the game from a slot you could probably display the saved image. Each new save could overwrite the current image and the image name could be pretty basic like saveslot(X).png for example where X represents the slot that was chosen to save to. When saving to the same slot have it simply overwrite any existing image with the same name. This ensures on load it would always find the image as the name of the image for the slot never changes.

This is how I would try to handle it but this is just a basic starting point to help get you moving with it. I may end up doing this same thing in my own project. If I do I will do it in blueprints and share my example.

Corpsecrank, please share you blueprint! I have been really trying hard with this one. I agree with you that it would be the easiest way, but cannot find any blueprint commands for it.

**There is the “Shot” command line that will save a screenshot to your default screenshot folder but there are no switches to change the name. **

Corpsecrank, if you figure this out please share with me and you should make a YouTube tutorial video because there are NONE!!