Screen Wrap


New to Unreal so don’t laugh when you look at the pic as I may have missed it by a mile. :o As per the topic tile I am wanting to get a screen wrap going and have been trying for two days.
Please can someone point me in the right direction.


I have checked the screen x and y location as well as the get viewport size with a print string and I get the correct numbers are showing.



Ok. This is what I have so far, the 1st part of the blueprint I made is ok and when i set the actor location I can get it to more or less work.
I say more or less because I cannot get the actor to appear correctly again. It appears on the correct side, but halfway or quarter way
into the screen and this depending how I move the camera around.

The problem I think I have is that I am covereting to screen space and then setting the actor back in world space.

Is there a way to set the actor in screen space or some sort of a conversion to screen space or should I see if it is possible to
do all of this in world space.

I hope I have explained myself correctly.

Any help will be really appreciated here as I am taking shots in the dark.


Think I got it after days of trying. :slight_smile:

Code is probably not up to scratch and I am sure refinements can be made, but not at that level yet.

The one thing left to do is to get it to adjust to different screen sizes.


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thats really cool. well done

@mserena, thanks. :slight_smile: